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Have you?
Hush now, Silent Child. No need for words.
Don’t ever look back, nothing but pain and bad memories.
No, look to the future, look towards the sun.
Tell me, Child. What do you see?
Can you see Helios’s Chariot
as he helps the rising sun?
Can you see Thor throw
his mighty Hammer, and hear
his Rumbling Chariot?
Can you see Zeus Strike with
his wicked Thunderbolts?
Can you feel the power of Demeter as
she gives life to the plants?
have you ever fallen prey to
one of Loki’s pranks?
Swam in Posideons Great
Tell me Child, have you?
Have you dreamed of an adventure?
Have you dreamed of Romance?
Have you feared wandering lost
into Hade’s personal realm?
Tell me, Have you?
Have you wondered how a
mother feels, when the child
leaves her warm embrace?
Have you felt her
fear and anxiety?
Tell me Child, have you?
Have you felt the wonder of the Stars,
Have you felt the cool wind
on your back as you walk?
Can you hear
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Sing Softly
Sing Softly, for the stars
are watching closely.
Dance loudly, for the
world is completely
intoxicated—left to
watch the moon spin
Lend your knowledge
out sparsely for the
act of giving is
disgusted at the
The rain might fall in
diagonal motion,
but you’ll never see the tune
not even for a minute
Laugh often, because the
world needs your heart
to keep it a float through
the crashing waves of
marshmellow despair.
live your life, they say
as it is the only one you might have—
But Never forget:
The butterflies are people too.
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Napkin Poetry
This is napkin Poetry.
The poetry that rebels against the thought of mere paper with lines.
Maybe for said poetry
it is going back to the state of nature-
originality derived from
other sources.
In a way, many have already used
this technique of napkin poetry. Random
symbols of love, or notes scraweled hastily
across a napkin before lunch or dinner.
the feelings of frustration as said napkin disappears,
gets used, or falls apart; forgotten in some dark hole
in a piece of clothing, only to be found again later in the lint catch
of a dryer. Mush.
In the era of PDA’s, phones and other devices with  note-taking ablity,
napkin literature has fallen by the way side. No longer are napkins to
be subjected by a pen! Maybe this is a good thing.
Maybe it isn’t. Whose to know?
It surely is a dying art from the perspective of a napkin.
BUT! Even if it –were- dying, it
can also be a sacred rite between the writer,
his writing and the napkin.
A na
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Have you
Hush now, Silent Child. No need for words.
Don’t ever look back, nothing but pain and bad memories.
No, look to the future, look towards the sun.
Tell me, Child. What do you see?
Can you see Helios’s Chariot
as he helps the rising sun?
Can you see Thor throw
his mighty Hammer, and hear
his Rumbling Chariot?
Can you see Zeus Strike with
his wicked Thunderbolts?
Can you feel the power of Demeter as
she gives life to the plants?
have you ever fallen prey to
one of Loki’s pranks?
Swam in Poseidon's Great
Tell me Child, have you?
Have you dreamed of an adventure?
Have you dreamed of Romance?
Have you feared wandering lost
into Hade’s personal realm?
Tell me, Have you?
Have you wondered how a
mother feels, when the child
leaves her warm embrace?
Have you felt her
fear and anxiety?
Tell me Child, have you?
Have you felt the wonder of the Stars,
Have you felt the cool wind
on your back as you walk?
Can you hea
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Sing me a lullabye
like the ones I heard
in the childhood
I scarcely Remember.
Paint me a picture
with the vivid colors
of the sunsets and clouds
that I fell in love with
so long ago.
Bake me a feast
of sweets
so that when I’m alone,
I can comfort myself,
and try not to cry
Grow me a garden
of all the wild flowers
that attract the sweet
bugs of summer
so I can get hopelessly
lost in helpless romance.
Knit me a Blanket
that will calm
my fears and Doubts
so I can stay warm.
Show me the sights
of a world long past.
let me bask in the
knowledge of
what It can give me.
Let me heal the
wounds time
has given
and let me
sleep in peace.
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 6 5
Wolf Dancer
The willows are crying, something one
would never see. Can you hear them?
They mourn for the loss of the one
who Danced with Wolves.
The leaves are bent down towards
the ground in reverence of the young
whose tears flow as free as the rivers.
How can one be so alone without the
guidance of the trees?
The wind whispers the story of one
whose name has been long forgotten by
the suns rays. The river gurgles its
Condolence to the lonely soul who asks
not with his words but with his eyes.
the rivers and streams always know what
the soul wants, even when in denial.
Clouds pass by, the only sign of time
passing them slowly. No one dares to
anger them when they’re wrong.
because clouds are fickle and easy
to anger.
Not a sound passes as the earth itself
seems to mourn for the loss of
wolf dancer, yet the only thing that
breaks the still, disturbs the peace
sending chills of dread down the spines
of plants, is the lonely cry of the wolf,
as it howls to the moo
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 1 5
Sirius and Lalaithion
Sirius Lunaura.
Bisexual—leaning towards
She stands about 5"'6'. Her Light brown
hair is usually tied up in a bun or a pony tail. It falls to her middle back
when she lets it down. Her hazel-green eyes are soft, yet have a hawk-like gaze
to them when she's focused on her tasks. She has a soft rounded face that
makes her appear younger than she actually is. Her skin tone is fair, and if she
stays out in the sun for long periods of time, she will pink. She has long
slender limbs, and a short torso. She has a petite hourglass curvature to her
She tends to dress in simple shirts and breeches with lots of
pockets that are cool earth tones, such as warm brown breeches with a cream
colored shirt. Her arms have light scars from scratches from plants, as she
scars easily. She keeps herself clean, washing at least once a day, but she
doesn't mind the hard work of ga
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 0
Heading Home
Nervous and tired
We wait silently
Hoping to catch
The last late train
Heading home.
Women old and
Stooped over from
The weight of their
Ridiculously large bags
Gaze out at a
Cloud ridden sky
Pigeons roost over head
Staring down hungrily
Waiting for the opportunity
To swoop down upon an unsuspecting victim.
The bell clock hanging
Above the ancient brick chapel
Chimes wearily as if
It also sense that the
End of the day
Was drawing to a final close
A sigh, gentle and soft
Escapes pressed lips as
The waiting draws on
Capturing the rest of us
In its claws of boredom
The last beams of the sun
Touch the horizon goodbye
As the stars peek out
In amazement, night.
Another sigh, this
Of relief as the
Pearl-gray chain
Of smoke can be
Seen chugging along
Slowly making it’s way forward.
Soon the fire will have
Gone out, the house
Made silent for the night,
As we board the
Last late train
Heading home.
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 2
Withdrawing Realizations
Nothing like loneliness to keep one company.
Nothing like lies to delude ourselves from reality,
Blocking out everything, living
Nothing but my own.
                (I always was forgotten).
Memories of nothing, blindly living
Warped sense of reality keeps the
Pieces of me together like that industrial glue
That always breaks after a week or so.
      (Never should have let this begin).
Cycles coming, cycles going, each one the same,
Sweet words of promises,
Hope, friendship, each and all
Broken once again
       (From all sides, it kills me)
Emotions going, indifferent to those losing myself ,
Setting goals, getting milestones, forgetting those who
Say otherwise, don’t worry about them.
                 (No, Don’t worry. It’s just you an
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 4 10
Insanity as I know it.
Flowers fall over the passing corpses of emotions,
flying gently on the unspoken wind.
Howling blossoms of the dogwood tree,
brings back long-lost memories.
Memories of desire left in the
lonely streets that border on insanity.
whispering along aimlessly, held
together by broken strings of a
sad violin who desperately wants
to be loved again, as the window
cracked and stained with the color of blood,
that of which mingles
with the tears of the plants.
Memories of laughter left to wither
away in the coldness of the sun, who
turns his back on the child who begged
desperately for him to save his life,
but all vain, for the sobbing
was unheard, as the child
curled up with nothing but a haunting
memory of something that he knew
nothing-yet everything-about, only
that it was a terrifying thing.
Shadows mock him as he's left
to rot in the unknown corner
of his mind, left forgotten to
the world of the rest.
Ghosts and phantoms still haunt the halls,
moaning and crying, showing nothing but,
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 1 0
The clouds ran down today as if
the word -bleed- had chosen to become a
more-than-life word. Tiny blue veins of
sugarcoated lies that trickled down in
raindrops. Nothing could be more beautiful
than a wish-washed bleached out, 60's
automobile that could have had tacky leopard print fake
leather. They called it a vintage stock, none left but the
stars that sat alone underneath the crying waters of the sun.
Something along the way of how I
found you. With A notebook of scattered dreams
and melded wires of lost dreams, forgotten to
the crowd of cotton-candy goers that
traveled together in packs of screaming
ecstasy. That's where nothing made sense anymore.
the spinning streetlights of carved stone that reflect scenes of
previous movies. Significance is lost in
translation, bad tasting Champaign to go with a horrible script.
Who hired them anyways?
A torn piece of scrap paper floats on the
wind lamb-like and peaceful, a
reminder that letters such as this
should take their time in creation
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 0
A Notebook full
of compiled stories,
gathered and cherished,
like flowers that sit
not bothered by the wind.
A picture-perfect scene.
A notebook that,
has been exhausted,
that has been
bled over by many,
fought over by few,
and humiliated and humbled
by all.
A notebook whose ideas,
are controversial,
with dissimilar situations,
covered by tiny little
scratch marks of inconsistency,
draw in blue ink of interest.
A notebook whose seen
experiences of noteworthy places,
traveled to farther heights
flitless as a butterfly and
sturdy as a stone,
whose papers weep with
descriptions of faraway worlds,
A notebook who stores
dreams of ambition of
hopes that soar through the
Pages like feathers on a
windy day as clouds sleep lazily.
A notebook who's
loved and
with over emphasized emotions
that flutter around as moths to light.
A notebook that
carries the burden 'of the losses
and the weight of happiness that
 bubbles forth like
a cold mug of root beer.
A treasured notebook
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 0
Sitting alone, words spewing out
like a pot-overflowed with
liquid-fied state of emotions that
twist and turn
snipple and snarl
in a trap-like statement
that constricts,
    demands attention
Standing now, action begetting action-
driven by needless emotions that
breakout in pandemics,
like the moonshine that once
illuminated the emotionless passion
that trickled down, swimming like
the tides in the ever-blue ocean that
reflect the comings and goings of time and places,
of sleep and thought,
of roses and death.
Running now, from pain that contorts,
that shrivels and burns,
the hatred of most-this stains the air,
red, painting it green on a black
canvas of regret as the bluish-yellow river
of confusion, frustration,
love and hatred drip off the page
of the black-inked words.
Stumbling now, blinded by tears of anger
that string down like torrents of Blood,
a non-stoppable continuation of sad-ridden  thoughts of
misunderstandings, of loneliness and abandonmen
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 1 3
A Wolf's Tale
The lonesome sigh of the wolf's howl marked
by the cold sleek barrel
of a merciless gun.
The moon shone down
as the only sound made
was the blood curdling
silence, as the wolf fell
to his icy death below
his dignity was stripped,
as his murderer pranced about
a fake adventure--a lame excuse
of self defense, as his head
was stuffed and
his fur turned into a coat.
He, of course, was never able to tell
-his- side of the story.
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 0
I found you in the street
I found you walking down the street,
as I passed by, headphones plugged in,
music up loud as it could get and for
once I didn't have to stop and try
to gain your attention.
       (Because I didn't want to pine for your affection anymore, it should have been
        given freely.)
I found you-a different person than the
person I had fallen in love with.
Motives that at first seemed harmless,
turned into something you thought you had to have.
    (That’s the impression I always got,
      What happened to doing something together?)
I found you losing interest
in whatever it was that I said,
and took to gazing off into space,
     (When the topic's you talked about sometimes never interested me,
       I, at least, paid attention, and tried to be interested.)
I found you wanting to do other things,
:iconsilverfeatheredquill:SilverFeatheredQuill 0 0
I found myself in a Grocery Store
I found myself in the grocery store,
humming to myself.
I looked at the reflection
that played back in
the freezer isle
    (the one with the glass doors, like the one to my heart)
I found myself different as
I chose which lettuce to use
different from the influence of you
    (Since when did I eat lettuce?)
I found myself making small talk
to the store cashier
talking about the weather
and the odd dream here and there.
    (Since when did I get the nerve to speak to random strangers?)
I found myself staring longingly
to the sky, wishing the stars
the best as the withered away
wondering where the term 'us' went to or came from?
     (I haven't heard that term used in awhile)
I found myself coming home to an
an empty apartment, a change I saw
the cats lounging around on my bed,
    (Well not --completely-- empty though the cats aren't a great
     a c
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Welcome World! Welcome to my little niche on Deviantart.

I am an avid Reader, writer and Music listener. You will almost never find me without my Headphones, notebook and some sort of book.

I am not very talkative, but If you want to chat, keep at it, I'll warm up eventually. I am also crazy (in a good way). -grin- so don't be afraid of me! I'm just a book-freak.

I am also an animal lover. Cats and Birds and wolves being my top three. All other animals, I'll go how cute, before moving on. Oh and German Shepards. I love German shepards.

Have fun.… I have baby Draggoons!

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So, It's been awhile. Still trying to get caught up on things While going through college. I'm not sure exactly how long I have left (though this is almost the middle of my fourth year, the semester almost being over. O.o) hopefully no longer than another year. Hopefully.

Well, besides going through school, and stuff, most of personal projects keep getting put on hold, because I'm horrible about that. My blanket, however, is almost done, and I will have that done by Christmas if it KILLS ME. xD Not that I haven't enjoyed making this larger-than-a-full-sized-bed crocheted blanket, it's just kind of gets at times like gets a bit tedious, because I want to start doing other crocheting things, but I don't want to start a new project while i'm still working on this. I have learned alot by making this blanket. For starters, USE A PROPER SIZED HOOK. instead of an itty-bitty tiny hook. my beginning stitches were tight and small, and I've had to adapt to make it work. (And it even the slight 'mistake' Now looks good with this blanket. I assume the tighter stitched end will curll around her feet easier and stay there. or something like that. Not exactly sure what'll happen. But We'll see when I've finished and washed it. (it'll need one.)

That and I haven't gotten very far in Laney. Mah! I still need to get scenes typed up, character profiles typed up, written and revised, and NANOWRIMO IS THURSDAY.

>.> I'm going to try and do something different this year, by doing a collab with a friend because she want's to do Nano, but doesn't want to do it alone, and I agreed I'd work with her on it. Still not sure how this is going to work, but hopefully we'll work something out. And soon!

I'm still slowly uploading poems and all that. I've written a few new ones here and there, but my muse has been slow and dominant on my new RP site, that I'm like addicted to. /loves on all my characters. :D I've also had a bit of spare money to gather some commisshes. So yay. Theres a couple of artists floating around that I want to Commish them as well. meep. So I'll be saving up slowly. ...Slowly.

Ermmm....Not much else to report, really. Other than I miss my Sub. T-T



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